All Saints' CSI Congregation has a history that dates back to 1996 at the current location at All Saints' Episcopal Church. The congregation which was then known as CSI Christ Church of Rockland began renting All Saints' Episcopal Church at 182 Ridge Road in Valley Cottage, NY. The location was selected because of it's convenient location, capacity of 160, ample parking, and kitchen and all-purpose room.

In 2009 through 2011 the congregation went through a 2-year process of evaluating the idea of joining All Saints' Episcopal Church. The Church of South India and the Episcopal Church are sister provinces of the Anglican Communion. So it was not only in keeping with the agreement between provinces that both congregations belong together but it also made financial and resource-sharing sense.

In 2011, with agreement from all members, as well as the Diocese of New York, the members of the CSI congregation became members of All Saints' Episcopal Church. The agreement meant that the CSI members would be able to worship using the CSI Malayalam liturgy, which is identical to the Episcopal service in form, and also maintain their identity as a CSI congregation. This has been the arrangement under which All Saints' CSI Congregation has been operating since.

This also means that All Saints' CSI congregation are members of the CSI Council of North America which allows them to participate in all CSI related activities across North America, thereby being part of a wider group that worships in the same language. The Episcopal Dioceses of New York not only allows these arrangements, but also encourages the congregation to maintain its identity while at the same time being part of the community right here in the America.